Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Rivers and Cafes

I did go for a stroll along the Bouze River. Upstream. Lovely clear water and fish to be seen swimming about like there ain't no tomorrer! Fishing must be prohibited, because otherwise you couln't see fish so close to town. Some were definitely truitte, but other big ones were brown. They were easily scared though and you had to creep yo on them, carefully, carefully.

The river was developed on either side as a park. Quite beautiful. Very soon, and over a little road, the path turned into a much bigger park that contained a small lake and some intriguing play equipment. Sadly, for me , it had closed some 20 minutes earlier at 6:00 pm. I MADE A PROMISE TI MYSELF TO RETURN HERE SOME DAY. That day will be today.

Before that, however, I have returned to Cafe l'Abottoir.

This, you will recall, is the scene of my hasty retreat some days ago when I had eaten too much of the entree and had no room left for the main course. Today is different. Today I am roaring with hunger.

... and just as well, because the set course is whopping. Start with salmon on slices of pain on a bed of shredded lettuce with vinaigrette to die for. This is followed by terrine served by oneself from a huge terrine dish. Next comes the main course - today, stuffed pork, carrots and peas. I have foresworn the cheese dish and have gone straight to the dessert - mousse au chocolat.

Total price? I do not have l'addition yet, so I'll let you know ... [Total cost: €12]

In any event, (have always wanted to write, "... in any event"), the meal was delicious and much more than this little koala could bear.

By the way, the wine is also 'help yourself' from the bottle plonked (sorry) down beside you.

Oh yeah! And then coffee ...

Scrummy AS! All in the company if the working men (mostly) who must come every day.

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