Sunday, March 18, 2012

Beaune Sunday

So the Sunday plan was to hop up late, ring Dear Jude, put some washing on and squirt into Beaune to chase some Sunday Beaune Action! It's cold today and raining, so I do not have high expectations of great things. But here I am. In the same restaurant as I landed in on Day One. I am near the door, so when someone enters/leaves, a cold giraffe enters as well. Seems as though that's all right because a lady just came in with a cold giraffe AND a cute little cold doggie! Here is a photo of two chums lunching together I'm the Beaune manner.

Inside the marketplace today is a collection of winery representatives flogging their produce. €10 entry gives you your VERY OWN glass and then off you go tasting, tasting, tasting! The problem was that drinking alcohol was the last thing I felt like that early in the day, so I wandered around a bit and then left. Sober and happy (photo of market place wine sale below).

My lunch just arrived - a Bourgogne pasta specialty. In the Grazyna Kulig way, I have included a photo BEFORE I hooked into it.

Yesterday was Beaune market day. It was the second market I had run into since arriving in France two weeks ago. Typical market, occupying a dedicated market hall and spilling out onto the streets. Weds are not enough, so here are some photos.

While strolling around I heard the quiet voice of Sache: "Hullo Brian". "Sache!". "Great to see you! Actually it's Graeme." And guess who ELSE was with him? YES! Stella and Goofy! Both with their very best market manners in place. Both of them VERY well behaved. I asked Sache to teach me the rudiments of wine drinking and he agreed. He will call
me. I must say it was a hoot to bump into a familiar set of faces at the market. Very homely and welcoming.

I might have mentioned that old Sache is about to set up a business taking visitors around the countryside tasting and sampling the local wines from the many, many wineries offering 'degustation' and sales. Let me say that there would be NO BETTER QUALIFIED PERSON than our Sache for such an enterprise!

That'll do youse for now. I know I was slack for a day or two just past, but I was in the process of settling on to Maison Pat and getting to know the friends and family. I hope to be a better correspondent from now on.

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  1. Doesn't everyone take photos of their food BEFORE they hook into it??? But I'm glad you're thinking of me whilst taking photos:)