Saturday, March 10, 2012

Charolles vs Charlieu

Charlieu did not turn out to be as nice a town as Charolles. I know that industrial activities are essential for the provision of this great lifestyle we all enjoy, but is it really necessary to throw it in our faces every five minutes? You see that is the problem with your Charlieu. Right there. Too many trucks, too many little factories within easy viewing access.

The journey there and back (to Beaune) was something else, though. Driving back alongside the canal in the evening light was just "other worldly". Little clumps of ancient houses clustering around locks; gorgeous little villages off to the sides set in their own unique pasture-scapes; and the ever-beckoning tow path begging to be cycled along. I could go on and on and freaking ON about this, but I simply shan't. So there!

I have decided not to have huge dinners on this trip. It is best, I feel to have a cheap plat du jour for midi and then have something light (but yummy) at night. This last can be picked up from the charcuterie during the day and held in readiness for the late afternoon/early evening bog-in back in the hotel. Just to get you up to speed on this, I can tell you that I just tucked away a wonderful half a pin, half a sheep/goat cheese and a slab of excellent pate. No wine, you notice - sleep comes quicker and is of much higher quality if abstinence can be maintained just before bed I find, and quality of the dreams improves manifold. So there!

One highlight of the day (apart from the canal) was a huge Romanesque church sitting atop a hill in a town I passed through from Charolles to Charlieu. For the life of me I cannot remember the name of the town, but I thought it had some thing like 'Neufch√Ętel' in the town name. You just DO NOT get Romanesque churches on the road out to Beechworth like that, do you?

Now those of youse with a sharp eye will pick that this is NOT a photo of a Romanesque anything. Rather, it is a photo of a cloister in Charlieu!

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