Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dijon II

I am so SICK of people slagging Dijon! The people here don't seem to mind it. Observing the peeps strolling by (observed from my Salon de The of choice), I get the distinct impression that they are all comfortable in their own skins and keen to get on with the business of living in this bustling, vibrant, if geographically flat, city. Goodness me, persons dwelling in Shepparton seem to be happy enough to while away what's left of their lives in that city without a grizzle or a grump! And there are those who live in Melbourne to consider ....

Market day in Dijon is Tuesday. So don't go thinking that things are normal here at the moment. There are supplies to be picked up: fresh fish, fromage, perhaps a terrine or two ... Roses have been flown in from the equator and lettuces appear to be coming into season. Everyone is still dressed up on warm winter woollies, but there is a real sense of the coming warmer spring and later a hot summer. We've just about had enough of winter and that warmer sun that pokes its head out every now and then is most welcome, I can assure you!

Today is chill-out day for me. Circadian-rhythm re-establishment day. I'm thinking of a bus ride to the end of the line. Dijon is a 'uge city, I believe, judging by the number of buses. And here's some unbelievable news: there is soon to be a TRAM line. Yes! The rails are down and work is progressing at a great rate of knots. I am not at all sure that it is a replacement line either. It looks like a brand-newie!

... OK, here's an update. I am just back in town after a brisk walk to the end of the new tram line. Work is progressing along the entire length of this 10 km stretch of track with teams of laborers working flat-out. Billboard signs boast a welcome to the tram for Dijon residents in 2012. That's this year! I checked out the satellite images of Dijon and there is no sign of the line along the route I took today, so it's not a renovation, it's NEW!

So this brings me back to the opening sentence of this post: stop slagging Dijon! You've just gotta love a city installing a new tram line AND that boasts a famous artist who went by the name of Francois Rude! [He was quite good, too.]

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