Monday, March 12, 2012


"Not fair to Auxerre, Graeme! You jump to conclusions far too readily and then live to regret them. Take Beaune, for example. You really stuffed up there, mostly you made an assessment based on the simple error of failing to find the town square before leaping in and jumping to conclusions! Shame!"

Today was set aside to wander the cobbled streets and to stroll along the canal that saunters through the heart of the city. Cathedral - tick, town square - sort of tick, ambience - tick, overall impression - kind of all right ...

The great thing about Auxerre, compared with Beaune, is the relatively lower real estate prices. The question that remains is whether this is "the place for us". It, for example, seems a long ride out of town before a chap can consider him/herself to be "in the country". No such problem in Beaune, where the wineries begin just a short buzz down the track.

So it's off to Beaune again for me tomorrow. Let's see if there is a property that fits the bill there. Perhaps prices are lower in the villages on close proximity, such as Pommard or Savigny-les-Beaune.

Let's see what transpires ...

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