Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dijon I

Second day in Dijon ahead of me, but it's seemings as though I have seen enough. I did the official walk yesterday, guide book from the Tourist Information in one hand and iPhone in the other I checked out all the sites. It is pretty flat, hereabouts, so no cathedrals perched atop hills, glowering down at the populace. It is NOT the sort of town to buy in, but we probs knew that ...

I even went to three museums/galleries - I am sure you will be impressed. One a Beaux-Artsy one, one a recollection of the Algerian War (the British weren't the only mongrel imperialists) And one a VERY boring explanation of hoe Burgundians nused to live.

Having shaken my head clear of boredom after that last one I headed off to a boulangerie and picked up a cheese and legume tartlet and apricot one for dinns and promptly got lost (briefly) and caught in a snow/sleet shower!

I scurried 'home' to my room and popped the TV one itch a view to scoffing my loot at an appropriate later hour. I looked at the clock and decided that the selected time was FAR too far off (it was 6:00pm by then), so I scoffed them down to my tummy. YUMMM!

Better control was exercised with the sleep issue. With eyes intermittently drooping, I lasted till the appointed hour of 20:00 before rolling over and plunging into the much anticipated World of Nod. Slept right through the nigt (almost) and have awoken fresher than a couple of really fresh daisies!

The Peeps at the Tourist Joint told me that the market is on today, but I have decided not to go. ... ONLY JOKING! Had you there, didn't I?! I shall sneak up and see if three is any sorts of food I can have for my breakfast.

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