Saturday, July 7, 2012

Taking possession

Ally had picked up the key from a pharmacist across the road and down a bit. She and her friend Caro. They had had to spend Sunday night in a hotel because settlement was not to happen until 11:00 on Monday. She was in on Monday afternoon. The apartment was ours!

We met Ally in Paris on Thursday. She had come up by train with Caro, who was headed off intto the WBY (Wild Blue Yonder) to catch up with her brother. Old Groombles took the two heavy suitcases off to Beaune by train straight away, while Ally and DJ stayed for a few hours to rummage through 'Les Soldes' (The Sales) bins of the likes of Galleries La Fayette. Having toddled off to stake my claim on the apartment, I hauled the bags up the stairs and moved in. How would DJ like it? Would Beaune match all the hype I had poured upon it? Had I overstated the case? I would know soon after 1900 hours when the train arrived with the girls.

Not to drag the show on for too long here, I can inform you that all is well. Allowing DJ the headway as we entered the town (from the station), and then the apartment, the eyes of Dear Jude shone as bright as two really really shiny things. They still are. She loves it. Ally loves it and I love it.

It's bigger than you expect. The skylights are more window-y than skylight-y. The ceilings are high and the TV and sound system are better than OK. Le Tour de France is live-to-air on the free station and it is daylight as you watch it. No AFL, but the Maggies got done anyhow.

Lots of things have to be bought for our new abode, so we have been skitching about the country-side buying up all the necessities. Bath mats, eating utensils, spray-on surface cleaner, cork screws, coffee-plungers, vases, bedding, mops, computers, soaps, mustards and alcohol. The adventures keep on coming!

Visits to the market (like this very morning) are the exciting adventures they always have been, but now we take the goodies back to our joint. You must come. You have to. It's grouse!



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