Friday, March 9, 2012


Today I find myself in Charolles. Just in time for 'midi' (lunch for youse losers). I am on my way to Charlieu, where there is a house on a French Property for Sale website. I don't know why I bothered (there are buckets of similar joints advertised in immobilier (real estate agents') windows everywhere. But I am glad I did make the journey.

Heading south from Beaune, having keyed in "avoid tollways" on my TomTom, the road followed alongside a beautiful canal. Now, if any man-made construction is going to capture my enrapture other than a railway, is a canal. I have tried not to be 'transported' in this way (please pardon the intended - pun?), but to see a canal, with its sealed towpath alongside it, and to come across the occasional lock, and even less occasional cyclist/cycliste is to take living in this planet to new heights.

There is a church across the way from the restaurant, an d some poor soul is being sent on his/her way. The crowd outside included a couple of fully-turned-out, uniform-wise members of the local gendarmerie. As I sit here the bells begin peeling again, perhaps to indicate that part of the mass where the Holy Spirit enters the bread and wine - but what would I know?

I took some snaps of the town here in Charolles for your edification and enjoyment. I have always had difficulty adding photos, so I shall wait for your responses to check if they are communicated by way of the blog.

Oh well, the funeral bells have rung once more and it is time for me to bugger off to Charlieu. Most of the peeps have left the restaurant, so I shall have to be on my way as well. "On my way" to take on quite a different meaning to the chap who is "on his/her way" in the church across the road ...
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